1. Most women who choose abortion say that they felt abortion was their only option. Pregnancy & Fatherhood Solutions offers free, confidential, and life-affirming pregnancy option consult services, where we help women understand they have more support and resources around them than they know. Do you believe that these additional resources and community support can help women realize that parenting is viable choice?
2. With abortion killing an unborn child every 34 seconds, which of the following services that Pregnancy & Fatherhood Solutions offers do you believe will help save the most lives and make the biggest impact in our community?
3. Pregnancy and Fatherhood Solutions offers women and families in our community with a variety of pregnancy services and resources at no cost to them. Which of our following services do you think is most impactful for a woman facing an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy?
4. What do you think is the greatest way for Pregnancy and Fatherhood Solutions to reach women who are vulnerable to abortion, help them learn about their options, and make the decision to choose life?
5. In your estimation, choosing abortion is: